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Meet The Crew

We wanted to introduce our crew to you. These are great, experienced and caring movers who are all long-term members of the Moving Day team. You’ll probably see one or more of them for your next move and we wanted you to know who will be moving your valuable possessions.
Colorado Springs Movers Crew

Meet Manolo! Manolo is an excellent mover.

experienced and careful mover Ernest

Say Hi to Ernest, one of the great movers!


This is Sammie – driver mover. Say “hi” if you see him!

Doc - a great mover who will take good care of you!
This is Doc – he’s a mover with over 20 years experience!

John - Owner & chief of the movers
This is John – Owner of Moving Day Inc.

Get A Free Quote For Your Next Move

At Moving Day, we offer free, no-obligation estimates.  Contact us at 719-531-0250 or via email by clicking HERE.  We take care of your things like they were our own.  Moving Day is a family owned business that has been serving Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo for 18 years.  Let our family move your family.