Okay, you’ve decided to move.

What now?

You probably feel like you have so much to coordinate you don’t even know where to start. What comes first? Do you call the realtor? Start packing everything up? How will your kids take the news? One thing’s for sure, moving can be very challenging.

When it comes to moving, you have 4 major options to get your belongings from point A to point B. Below is a list of options explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Option 1: Freight system.

This option includes PODS, UBox containers, shipping containers, and ABF trailers. These are pretty much your only option if you’re moving overseas. For these you may want to know that UBox maxes out at 8 feet in length, PODS go up to 16 feet, ABF trailers go up to 26 feet, and shipping containers max out at 42 feet so you may need more than one container. Going this route is typically middle of the road expense wise and one of its benefits is that you usually get one of those containers all to yourself. This means that most of the time your belongings aren’t combined on the load with another household. That is unless you are going with ABF. ABFs are big trailers, and you can rent just a portion, or the whole thing depending on how much you need to ship, so of course, if you rent out just a portion you will be combined with other households, separated by a piece of plywood.

Another aspect to consider is if you need any short-term storage. In our 25 years’ experience, we can say PODS can be a good option when temporary storage is needed. Their name says it all, Portable on Demand Storage.

Regardless of which option you go with, any equipment needed for the move is not provided. If you are loading these containers yourself, you’ll need to rent all the supplies, including but not limited to dolly’s, straps, and lots and lots of moving pads. Even if you go with a professional moving company for the load and unload you will need to rent pads to keep your treasures protected.  Transportation is not the smoothest for these freight system options.

Because these freight options don’t typically offer insurance to cover your belongings, you’re going to need to check with your homeowner’s policy. Will your homeowner’s policy cover your items while in transit in a container? Do you need to purchase additional moving insurance? If you have us load or unload the container, we will provide insurance while the items are in our care, custody, and control, but not during transport. Accidents happen, make sure you’re covered from start to finish.

Option 2: DIY – Renting a Truck

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to move many times in my life. Back in college, I could throw my buddies a pizza and a 6 pack and they’d help me haul my secondhand couch and mattress from one apartment to the next. As I’ve gotten older and I’m accumulating nicer things I’m finding the pizza and six-pack don’t go as far as they used to. Either way, I end up moving it all myself and regretting it the next day wishing I had hired a professional from the beginning.

A DIY move is most likely going to be your least expensive option however there are other things to consider such as equipment, fuel, mileage, and insurance. These expenses are part of a do-it-yourself move and can add up quickly. You will most definitely still want to rent all your equipment, including lots of pads. Also still check into your insurance options. Remember, there are professionals for a reason, and it’s always an option to have us just load or unload your rental too.

Option 3: The Vanline

Over the years we have interacted with several different companies and types of companies in the moving business.  We have found that vanlines are a great option for some but are not for everyone so keep these things in mind as you research your options. Vanlines may combine your load with other households if you don’t take all the space in their trailer. This can lead to less expensive moving costs, but your items are not as secure, and with that sometimes the trailers are unloaded and reloaded without you ever being around. If security is a concern for you, on a Moving Day truck you can use your own lock. We have no reason to get into your load so you know your belongings are safe and secure and that you have the only key.

If you have a flexible schedule a Vanline might be a great route for you because they typically provide only a window and not a set time for delivery. This can lead to lower costs, but you need to be flexible.

If you think this is the best option for you just make sure you have all the information before making your decision. Take their contract home, read it thoroughly and ask any questions that arise before you sign and agree to anything. We often see Vanlines have additional fees that arise throughout the move so understand all the possible extras you might incur. At Moving Day, we will always provide you with a contract in advance for you to read, so you know exactly what to expect. Moving has a lot of moving parts (pun intended) and a lot is happening all at once so do your research, understand all the aspects, and know what you are signing up for.

Option 4: Full Service Moving Company

Your last option is a company like us, a full-service moving company. We do it all. We can come in and pack you up, load you into our truck, move you close or far away (anywhere in the continental US) and even unpack you when you’re there. We try to make moving as easy as possible. We work completely on your schedule, we never combine your load with someone else’s no matter if you move locally or long-distance. We have insurance and all the equipment and experience you need. I know, I know, we sound too good to be true, but the Prince Charming of the moving world does exist, I promise you!

A full-service moving company can typically be a more expensive option, but keep in mind we do provide the best value, providing the most service for your money. If you want the easiest most stress-free move possible, we are worth every penny.

Whichever option is right for you and your current situation, just be informed, it will you’re your me much smoother and you will know exactly what you are paying for. Don’t be afraid to ask any company questions and become familiar with their process; see which matches your needs and budget best.