The Moving Process

Moving Day is a Colorado Springs moving company that strives to make your next move as simple and as stress-free as possible.  We specialize in local and long-distance moves. Your move should be an exciting time and not stressful and emotional. We will work alongside you to offer you a moving experience that is simple and easy. To help make your move as easy as possible, we’ve put together a moving process that should help to simplify your move.

The Moving Process with Moving Day Inc

moversWhen you give Moving Day a call one of our friendly and professional moving coordinators is going to talk with you about your move and provide you with options for your specific move based around move out dates, schedule, types of furniture to be moved and more.

Our administrators are all competent and highly-trained when it comes to both customer service and communication, which means they can answer any questions you may have as well as prepare you on what to expect next for your move.

Moving Equipment and Experience

Our team is comprised of well-seasoned moving specialists. Every mover on our team has a minimum of 3-years of experience in this field. While each supervisor is backed by at least 5-years of experience when it comes to moving families and their homes either across town or across states. The equipment we use all match up to the strict safety regulations, which includes our vans and trucks.

Moving Day can guarantee that when you hire our household or company relocation services you are provided with experienced technicians and a top-notch level of service.

Moving With Children

Moving with your children can become complex. Our moving company wants to ensure the experience is fun and enjoyable without disrupting their normal routines as much as we possibly can. You can improve your moving experience by getting your kids involved with your move. Ask them to help you label their own boxes and always unpack your children’s rooms first, to offer them with familiarity and a sense-of-security.

Also, avoid packing up their preferred snacks or toys, and always ensure these items are easy to access when your little ones start to feel anxious or scared. Depending on the age of your children you may want to ensure they have their music or electronic games with them. Make sure these devices are charged fully.

Other important tips include packing a backpack or duffel bag that contains essential items such as their favorite blanket, toy, pajamas, nightlight, toothpaste, and toothbrush. If possible, try to stick to your kid’s schedules and routines as much as you possibly can once you have arrived in your new home.

Before The Move

It is very important to remain energetic and organized about your move. Our professional moving employees are here to assist you in accomplishing these goals. Together we will work with you to create your inventory lists that will result in the number of items that need moving from your current home to your new home.

The items you plan to transport in your own car should not be included in this inventory list. Our company will give you the contact details for your dedicated coordinator who will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

During The Move

One of our expert supervisors will arrive at the scheduled time at your home. He will make a polite introduction and then get started on constructing your timeline for the day while allowing you to add in any requests or answer any questions you may have. He then directs the team to respective areas to commence the move.

After all the items have been picked up, loaded and have arrived at your new destination, Moving Day. The moving team will start to unload your belongings followed by arranging your furniture according to your preferences and instructions. The labeled boxes will also be placed in the right rooms in the new residence.

After The Move

Once all your items and belongings have been unloaded and placed in the right areas, the team will first double-check as well as verify that all the tasks for the day have been completed to your expected standards before they leave.

We also ask you to please complete our customer-survey as well as rate our services. Our Colorado Springs moving company understands the importance and value associated with word-of-mouth recommendations. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction for every move that we perform. We really appreciate any feedback, and this is what allows a way for us to continue offering the best types of moving experiences for all our customers.

My name is John Striedieck and I own Moving Day, the best in Colorado Springs Movers. You have my word that we will strive to make your next move your best move.