Moving Questions and Tips

Moving questions and tips from Moving Day.

Hire pros and be prepared to ensure a pleasant moving experience!

Start by asking the right questions – This ensures you’ve got the right people to do the job.

There’s more to moving than throwing your belongings into some boxes and handing them over to someone to deliver to your desired destination. Take a few moments to make sure you’re hiring a professional moving company, and taking all the steps necessary to ensure your items arrive safely.

What experience do you have?

Hiring a business with experience and a good reputation is important. Moving Day, Inc. has been moving Colorado residents for more than 17 years and we have thousands of satisfied and repeat customers to prove it.

How much do you charge?

Review your contract closely for hidden fees (Moving Day charges a flat fee – no hidden charges) for things such as stairs, overtime, fuel, mileage, heavy objects, supplies and other expenses. Some companies even charge for items stored in garbage bags.

Do you require a deposit?

If you hire a moving company that requires a non-refundable deposit you may be out of luck if you need to reschedule or cancel. Moving Day, Inc. doesn’t charge a deposit and you can reschedule your reservation at any time for any reason.

Does your company have proper certification and insurance?

Ask the moving company about general liability insurance, cargo, and collision coverage. Insisting on seeing proof of workers’ compensation insurance that includes the agency name and policy number protects you. Asking for the Public Utilities Commission number is important, too. It’s your assurance that the moving company is licensed with the state, is properly insured, and the owners have no criminal background. Moving Day’s PUC number is

Moving Questions and Tips to Make Moving Easy

Preparing your property

  • Put cardboard down to protect your floors
  • Remove pets or put them in a safe place
  • Move vehicles so our crew has easy access to your property
  • Disconnect all appliances and drain water hoses from refrigerators and washing machines
  • Remove items from drawers so they don’t fall out and the furniture is easy to lift

Packing your belongings

  • Take time to safely pack your belongings
  • Always pack heavier objects on the bottom of boxes and lighter things on top
  • Don’t overload boxes or mix delicate items with bulkier objects that could cause damage when the box is shifted
  • Label or color code boxes, so movers know where to place them at your final destination
  • Include handling instructions so movers know which boxes are fragile or heavy
  • Don’t forget to seal boxes with sturdy packing tape

Large appliances

  • Empty, defrost, and wipe down refrigerators and freezers
  • Move and store them in the upright position
  • Make sure doors are sealed shut
  • Have doors removed if they are oversized
  • We will be happy to transport your washer and dryer. Due to insurance regulations, we aren’t allowed to reconnect them.

Computers and televisions

  • It’s always wise to backup your data prior to moving computers
  • Protect your valued electronic devices by placing them in their original or other sturdy boxes with plenty of anti-static paper
  • Modern televisions are a real investment. Protect yours by placing them in original packaging. Our movers will wrap them for you and there is a small fee for TVs over 36 inches. Most owners’ manuals suggest they be kept upright.
  • Take photos of computer and TV cords to help remember how to plug all the devices back together

Large frames and mirrors

  • It’s wise to purchase specialty boxes to preserve your large treasured frames, mirrors, and photos
  • We can also wrap some of these items in moving pads


  • Mattress bags are a good investment to protect beds from getting dirty or wet
  • We can also provide shrink-wrapping
  • Don’t forget to safely store the hardware
  • Our movers will break down beds if you want to avoid the heavy lifting


  • Remove shades and bulbs, and wrap the cords
  • We’ll put unwrapped lamps into moving pads


  • Pack plates individually in paper dish-pack boxes if possible
  • Fill empty spaces with packing paper to protect items from shifting


  • Fold and pack clothes in suitcases, garment bags, or space-saving vacuum seal bags
  • Keep items on hangers and place them in wardrobe boxes, which we sell and rent
  • Don’t drag unwanted items along. Consider donating them to Goodwill or another organization

Furniture disassembly and assembly

  • We can take apart furniture as needed and reassemble it upon arrival at your destination if you’d like
  • Consider calling a non-profit organization to take away unwanted furnishings

Items we can’t move

  • By law we aren’t allowed handle live plants, flammable liquids, propane bottles, gas and aerosol cans and oxygen bottles
  • It’s also wise to call in experts for any items that require special handling such as a piano or pool table
  • We’d also like you to personally take care of items with monetary or sentimental value, including jewelry, trophies, and stamp and coin collections

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John Striedieck
President/Owner Moving Day, Inc.