Colorado Springs Moving ChecklistLooking for a quick guide to help you remember the must-do’s when planning your move?

Look no further than our complete Moving Checklist! It’s the perfect guide to help you plan and arrange your move

Moving companies:

  • Call reputable companies to inquire about estimates
  • Check moving companies’ credentials – PUC, DOT, Insurance, etc.
  • Book appointment
  • Be prepared with any questions to ask the office beforehand
  • Walk the moving truck after the move is finished to ensure nothing is left on the truck.

House and belongings:

  • Plan and host a yard sale, or take items to a donation center
  • Pack belongings (gather materials and supplies. You can often find free supplies on craigslist or marketplace.)
  • Take pictures of electronics connections, so they are easy to reconnect at your new place
  • Disassemble furniture, and put hardware in labeled Ziploc’s for easy reassembly
  • Start using up food and pantry items, especially refrigerated items.
  • Pack an ‘essentials’ bag; full of toiletries, medications, and clothes you’ll need immediately, so you aren’t sifting through your boxes the first days of your move.
  • Make a plan for hazardous and flammable items, those can’t go in the moving truck. Donate, dispose or plan to transport them yourself.
  • If you live somewhere with an elevator, check with the complex to see if you need to reserve elevator time
  • Make a plan for your plants. They won’t survive in the moving truck, sell them, give them away, or plan to take them in your own car.
  • Schedule any necessary inspections on either your new home or old home.
  • Do a final walkthrough of your old home after the movers are done, ensure nothing has been left behind.
  • Schedule any cleaners, such as household cleaners or carpet cleaners to come after you’ve moved out


  • Transfer your children’s transcripts if moving school districts
  • Transfer all bills to your new address: insurance, credit cards, utilities, cable and internet services, trash service and driver’s license.
  • Plan for sitters for small children or pets during the time of the move. It will go a lot smoother if you don’t have to worry about little ones under your feet.
  • Forward your mail with the post office
  • Contact your health insurance company, if you change zip codes you may need to update your plan
  • Visit your doctor if you need to transfer any prescriptions over to a new pharmacy.

Going to or from a storage?

  • Reserve your unit in advance – know which unit you are in and how to get to it.
  • Have your access code ready
  • Don’t forget your lock and key

Happy Moving!

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