When you are moving, there are several options that you can choose to take.  Your choices can either add to the stress of this process which includes changing your address, possible job changes, adjusting to a new home and learning a new neighborhood – or reduce the stress.

This is why you need to consider which moving method will be the overall best value and the least stressful.  You can choose between using a full service moving company or using pods.

What Are Full Service National Movers?


When moving, you will see that you can use a full service moving company.  As the name suggests, they will offer you a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of your move and your relocation.  They will complete the packing and unpacking for you, which is something you have to do for yourself if you decide to use pods.

The movers will also provide assistance in the loading of the moving truck, the transportation of your gods, the unloading and even the unpacking of your possessions.  Full service moving companies will generally charge you based on the total weight of your items and the total distance that they need to be moved.

Colorado Springs Moving Companies

When you hire one of these Colorado Springs moving companies, they will professionally pack and load your items with proper supplies and equipment.  This will ensure that everything is secure and remains safe while in transit.  If your posessions are damaged at any point in the move, you will be able to recoup your losses from the company.

When you are moving your home, you need to consider your personal requirements as well.  If you are disabled, pregnant, injured or elderly, you will have issues with heavy lifting.  This is why you might want to consider hiring a full service moving company.

What Are Moving Pods?


A moving pod is simply a portable storage unit that you are able to rent.  Moving pods will help you when it comes to organizing your move.  After you have packed everything yourself, you can place them in the moving pod so they are secure.  This will give you more room to work with when it comes to packing and to cleaning the property.

You can also use a moving pod when you are remodeling your home.  In these cases, furniture and other items can be securely stored outside while work on the interior of the home is being done.

Why are Moving Pods Ideal?

Moving pods are ideal if you do not mind doing the heavy lifting and moving all of your items to and from the pod.  There are many companies that offer moving pods, but they will generally be the same basic principles.  The pod will be a square or rectangular crate which is delivered to your home and left for you to load.  This means that you will need to determine the size and number of pods you will need for your relocation.

When you rent a moving pod, you will be moving on your own.  You will have to rely on your packing and loading skills to get everything from your old home to your new one.  If you pack the boxes haphazardly or have a lot of empty space in the pod, things could shift during transit.  This could result in damage to your items.

When this happens, you will have little chance of filing a claim for the losses.  As you packed the pod, you will be liable for any damages that occur.  This is something that needs to be considered because even when there is damage to the outside of the pod and clear mishandling issues in transit, it is hard to get any compensation.  If you do not have many valuables or are well-versed in packing, this will generally not be an issue for you.

Which Is Better – Pods Or A Full Service Moving Company?

There is no way to say which option is actually better because this will rely greatly on personal preference and requirements.  If you have limited time for the relocation and you want to reduce the stresses associated with moving, you should consider outsourcing all of the tasks and this will make the full service moving company the best option.  This is also a good option for anyone who wants to avoid the stress that comes from packing up their own home.

However, moving pods are also a good option for anyone who does not mind the tasks that come with moving.  If you have the time and want to pack your items yourself, this might be an option.  Moving pods might be a little less expensive. That’s because you do all the work!

Prices VS Risks

Of course, the cheaper price of the moving pod does come with higher risks.  As you will be loading everything into the pod yourself, you will be liable for any damage that occurs.  Spending a few days moving heavy stuff can damage you physically. Unless you are used to packing, you could find that something is broken in the process. If you break something – too bad.

When looking at moving pods, you will also need to consider where the pod is going to be.  If you live in an apartment or condo, you will not have anywhere for the pod to sit while you load it.  Additionally, there are many people who do not have the time or flexible schedule that is needed to pack everything and load it into a moving pod.